your guide to playground design

Design of children’s playground need not be an arduous task. We have come up with simple playground design ideas. Be it school playground design ideas or backyard playground design ideas, these ideas can be implemented everywhere with ease.

Hub for Traditional Play

Modern playground equipment, timeless, established, and widely loved, is a firm favorite around the world. Traditional play hubs mainly made up of common equipment such as seesaws, slides, sandpits, and rocking apparatus, facilitate social contact while contributing to gentle physical exertion. You simply can't go wrong with this theme, given just how common traditional play is!

Find the "flow" of the environment

Children do not move in straight lines in a normal state of play. Getting a playground that "flows" well means having all the playground components well-connected. For eg, say there is a path leading to the rope bridge, cargo net, and monkey bars from the playground entrance, but you can divert between these to the hopscotch, slide, or treehouse. Good "flow" provides the child with various paths to explore each time they walk into the play space and helps prevent playground traffic jams.

Coordinate with, not against nature

The best playground is the one created by nature. The tree limbs are great for climbing and swinging and the best stepping stones are made of river rocks. A big stretch of beach and a handful of shells is the perfect sandbox. By adding gardens, trees, flowers, boulders, stumps, and logs, you can integrate nature into your design as much as possible. Furthermore, look at how you can function with the natural elements in your room that already exist. Are there hills at all? Instead of making a ladder or bridge, create your slide on the hill. Are there any trees inside your room? Place the sandbox underneath to allow children to tinker and shovel away in the cool shade. Where in your room is the strongest natural line of sight? Consider the teachers here positioning benches. Often it might be appropriate to remove a dead tree, but consider how it can be integrated into your design before you clear-cut or remove any natural features.

Fitness in the Outdoors

Turn your playground into a simple outdoor gym, supporting students in their own time to improve their strength. Consider circuit training apparatus, cross-training systems, and callisthenic equipment to allow healthy working with or without supervision for more coordinated fitness playground equipment. Using this theme, it is easy to make your high school playground an extension of your physical education equipment.

The fundamentals

Be sure to include specific practical specifications in your room, such as:

  • Shade
  • Drinking water
  • Seating for grown-ups
  • Trash Cans
  • Space for any loose components or play facilities
  • Any playground rules or signage needed
  • We hope these tips and ideas will help you design the ideal playground for children and students.