top 5 living room trends to try in 2020

We can all agree that 2020 has not been the best year. However, the year has also witnessed some amazing trends and modern interior design in terms of living room decor and modern living room trends. Interior designers and trendsetters alike are betting on earthy tones and muted hues for decor and deep colors for cabinetry and furniture.

Navy blue and medium-dark wood are making a strong comeback, while on the other hand; light White Oak with a clear finish is still in high demand. Even though the best choice for the living room is what pleases one’s heart, if you’re looking for the upcoming and trending choices for your living room, these are the top 5 living room trends of 2020.

1. Greenery

Greenery is in for living rooms this year. Be it through garden rooms, indoor plants, or just faux plants. Garden rooms have become the no. 1 trend for 2020 in home décor.

There was a time when people did not want to add faux plants as it felt a bit tacky. But in 2020, faux is filling our spaces with a hint of green without any fear or guilt. Everyone agrees that plants always make any space feel more complete and happier.

2. Thrifted Home Décor

The obsession with reusing and recycling home interiors has been renewed as people seek to make more sustainable choices, so searches for thrifty home décor have increased by a lot. Thrifting is about more than just money. Every item thrifted is another item that doesn’t need to go to a landfill. There are tons of perfectly functional items in great condition and using them for décor to get that serene look is a great idea. It has definitely become a top trend this year.

3. Raw Wood

Raw wood with clear matte or grey stain color is still very trendy. But we expect to see more wooden cabinetry from now on. Designers are mixing painted cabinets with raw wood cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms because the warmth of a wooden cabinet not only brings interest to space but it also helps add balance to it. We are finally going for warm tones over white spaces.

4. Feng Shui Décor

2020 is all about creating mindful homes, but as well as modern ideas of mindfulness, we've also been turning to age-old concepts, such as Feng Shui décor. People have their focus on choosing their living room décor in such a way that it influences their life for the better. This has lead Feng Shui décor to especially become a 2020 leading living room trend.

5. Earthy and Organic

The earthy and organic trend is actually a helpful one. We really need to live in real homes where we feel good. A home with natural elements tends to make us feel more relaxed and connected to our own environment. When shopping, go for what makes you feel good.