simple steps to great your dining room clean up and organized

A kitchen and a dining area are common in all living spaces. You might be staying in a huge studio apartment or in an adequate independent house, it is important to keep the dining table and the room clean because it is a place where the whole family gets together and enjoy their meals. Having a huge dining table and a dedicated area is not necessary to maintain an organized and clean dining table. This can be achieved by following simple hygiene techniques.

Here are some tips on how to clean the dining room.

• Toss away whatever you don't need

Adults have this common practice of reading newspapers or magazines on the dining table while having breakfast or any other meal. These magazines and newspapers keep piling up on the dining table and this gives it a disorganized look. To tackle this issue keep a dedicated area for newspapers and make sure you have a dustbin near the dining table. This helps to throw away any leftover stationary material or other items like book covers or plastic wrap.

• Use a Vacuum

Cleaning becomes really easy if you use a vacuum to clear dust and other clutter from the room. Using a traditional broom helps is cleaning but it is hard to remove dust from a carpet if you use a broom. A vacuum cleaner helps in picking up all kinds of foreign particles and dust easily so cleaning becomes easy and efficient.

• Go for portable storage objects

You can easily find wall hanging baskets and other traditional baskets that can be used to store stuff. Rather than leaving kitchen equipment on the dining table, you can use these baskets to store stuff. Using these baskets makes it easy to find the equipment and store them in a dedicated location. There are also fridge top covers that come with side pockets. Thee side pockets can be used to store stationery and other items like keys and bills.

• Keep Things Clean

It is very common to find oil stains and other stains on the dining table due to food spilling. It is almost impossible to avoid food crumbs and other particles from falling down but it is important to pick them up and clean the dining table. If the spilled food stays on the dining table it attracts rodents like cockroaches and ants and once these cockroaches set up base somewhere in your house then they walk around clean plates and other utensils looking for food. These rodents play a major role in spreading diseases so it is important to keep the surroundings clean, to avoid this you can just sprinkle a few drops of water and clean the table with a dry cloth after every meal.


These are some most common living room clean hacks that help in keeping your house neat and tidy. The first step in maintaining cleanliness is to clear the cutter. When there no unnecessary objects lying around it makes the surroundings look neat. The dining table should also be cleaned regularly and using a good cleaning spray helps and this keeping the dining table neat and shiny.