pro tips for country style interior decoration

Country style interior decorating can transform the look of your home by degrees. Home interior design ideas can incorporate country elements for an added zing to your living space. We all know how old fashioned things can add a breath of fresh air to your interior space, and this is the reason why modern interior design tips and interior styling tips bring together elements from the country style. We hope that our guide to country-style interior design for a home will help you elevate the aesthetics of your home.

Opt for classic furnishing

Forget new mid-century and opt for rounded edges and soft upholstery in traditional designs instead. What this old fashioned furniture achieve can be very difficult to emulate by using modern, sleek pieces of furniture. Rounded edges and soft upholstery render your space an air of elegance and give out a sophisticated vibe. The true country style can only be incorporated by using somewhat dated designs for your furniture and decor. When choosing furniture, opt for classic and timeless designs, and stay away from the latest trends and fads if you want to get the country vibe.

Make your home cozy

Comfortable fabrics and materials create a cozy, friendly environment that will make you and visitors feel right at home. Case in point: Upholstered cushions and furniture pieces immediately express no-fuss country elegance in a breezy cotton gingham or ticking stripe. And once your guests are at comfort in your home, it is bound to add to the overall appeal to your place without any tangible, physical piece of furniture making the palpable impact. The sense of comfort spreads like air throughout your living space. A comfortable place is a happy place, and the country theme is all about chilling out and relaxing.

Go for florals

Most country homes tend to burst into bloom — in the coverings on the walls, in the china on the dining table, in the bodywork of the furnishings. Romantic designs and motifs fit better with the typically subdued palette. The floral tones add a touch of playfulness that acts as a foil to the rustic elements of the country style. While incorporating florals is a good idea, make sure you do not overdo it. Always keep it minimal and restricted to certain fixtures and furnishings, rather than squandering florals all over the place.

A muted color palette

Choose a palette that is subdued. Inspired by nature, muted blues, yellows, and greens make a soft statement that promotes comfort in country homes. The correlation between color and mood is strong, as is shown by numerous studies. Make full use of this fact by incorporating soothing tones of blues, yellows, and greens and watch serenity drop down to your home. The muted color tone will also highlight the quirky elements of your space, like the florals.

Go ahead a design your country-style interior with our brief guide and ideas.