luxury vinyl tile is better than laminate

The two names which you will hear when you choose to floor for your beautiful and dream home nowadays are luxury vinyl and laminate. These are the best flooring options that everyone will suggest at first and are used mostly all over the world, because of their budget-friendly and easy flooring method. They have some common things but they are different from each other. But the luxury vinyl tile is better than laminate because of some qualities only luxury vinyl tile Possess which were not possessed by laminate. so, if you want to decide which is best out of these two make use of this article before deciding flooring material for your home and family.

What is Luxury Vinyl Tile and Laminate?
The luxury vinyl tile is flooring material that looks like real wood and stone actually they are not real wood or stone. Vinyl flooring material is made from the vinyl component of the vinyl group an organic molecule in chemistry that gives the firm. Because of this, the vinyl name was given to this flooring material. But it is officially called by its industry name Luxury Vinyl Tile or shortly referred to as LVT.

The laminate also gives the look of wood and stone as same as the luxury vinyl flooring. The laminate is a flooring product made up of laminating and fusing wood and other materials in high pressure to get a form that can be used for flooring. Because of the laminating process, the name laminate was given to this material.

Why luxury vinyl tile is better than laminate?
There are many pros why Luxury vinyl tile is better than Laminate and below are some:

The luxury vinyl comes in both tiles and planks, but the laminate comes in only planks. Vinyl can be played by using glue, floating, and loose lay method, at the same time laminate, are designed to lay only by a floating method. Both can be laid on wood and concrete subfloors but laminate is not suitable for bathrooms and basements areas, because the laminate is not moisture resistant. On the other hand, vinyl tile is waterproof and can be laid on all areas as bathrooms and floors with high moisture content. The vinyl tile is more expensive than laminate but it gives more durability on heavy objects and lasts longer than laminate. LVT floor tile is easy to care for by all types of cleaning like sweeping, wet mopping, etc.., not like laminate. Vinyl tiles come with many styles, designs, shapes, and formats for the people’s choices. The life span of both varies as laminate needs to be replaced within 10 years but vinyl tiles last for 20 years after laying. LVT also comes 3D imaging technology that makes it stand out from the laminate and other flooring materials. LVT floor tile is more sound absorbent than laminate. Not like other flooring materials, LVT is softer underfoot and quiet to walk on.

According to people from different countries, the Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) or LVT floor tile is the best choice for their home due to the upstanding features LVT possesses.