Indoor plant décor ideas

Modern, urban households crave greenery now more than ever. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to live with a sprawling lawn in front of their house, yet everyone deserves the soothing properties of plants and trees around us. This is where indoor plants come in. Your little (or not) indoor garden will add a green touch to your home, and indoor plants and mental health have a positive effect on each other, according to the latest research. Let’s see how we can make our dream of an indoor garden a reality, and improve our lives and homes simultaneously.

Hanging Herbs

Herbs are a good beginner-friendly choice if you are just starting in the path of indoor gardening. And guess what’s more, you’ll have fresh herbs for every meal you cook. What could be more awesome? You can hang your herbs in pots and hook them together. This saves space as well as gives you easy access to your herbs whenever you need them, be it basil, cilantro, thyme, or something else.

Vertical Garden

Pots do not need to be the only surface where you can plant indoor trees. Your walls can be turned into living walls with trailing houseplant varieties. This also saves carpet area for you, and overall acts as a beautiful decor to your interior. These indoor plants are also safe for cats and dogs and any other pet since they are often out of reach for our feline friends.


Your indoor garden does not necessarily have to be all green. Add pops of different colors with orchids. Blooming plants also have all the health benefits and therapeutic properties that green plants have, plus they look amazing. Orchids a go-to flower choice for indoor garden enthusiasts, and last a long time with good care.

Indoor Jungle

This is not for everyone, but you never know, this might be the one for you! We are talking about indoor jungles, not indoor gardens. The way to achieve this is by placing several huge indoor plants that don’t need sun. Start with a big Swiss cheese plant, and move your way up. Match the decor of the room with earthy and rustic themes, and in no time you will have an indoor jungle which will calm you amidst the storm of urban life.


Succulents are the best friend of any indoor plant enthusiast. Super tough, super cute, and super versatile, these little plants can add life to your boring coffee table in your study room. They need very little resources to stay alive and will continue serving your indoor garden for a very long time. Succulents are an absolute must-have for your indoor garden. You do not even have to know how to maintain an indoor plant to be able to have succulents around you.

Indoor plants are the best gift you can gift to yourself, and someone else. Dedicate a little time and effort to your indoor garden, and the rewards will be well worth it.