Design outdoor living area at the hill house

It can be difficult to find ways to landscape your yard in hilly areas and at hill houses. It can be a little complicated to work on steep slopes, and there is also the risk of having soil runoff.

However, there are also opportunities to implement a lot of slope landscaping ideas. Different types of houses in hilly areas can support different types of landscaping. If you can landscape your hill house’s yard properly, it will look stunning and awe-inspiring. We are here to help you with slope landscaping ideas and hill area house designs.


Multi-level living reduces the cost of excavation and does away with the need for retaining walls. The right layout for your multi-level building will be dependent on factors such as steepness and size of the slope. Multi-level construction can also allow a lot of natural light to come into your rooms while giving you sufficient space for each room within the building. However, you should keep in mind that if traversing across stairs all the time is not your thing, you might want to reconsider multi-level living.

The deck

A deck on a steep embankment provides you with the ideal outdoor seating plans. Visually, they look extremely appealing and sophisticated, while also giving the illusion of an extended size of the building. You can even build decks over multiple levels, which will be a more expensive project but the result will be well worth it. Imagine drinking to the awe-inspiring view of the mountain from your multi-level deck. All the efforts behind it would seem more than worth it.

Terrace with stones

A stone wall will terrace your hillside in a beautiful and rustic way. They do require a certain amount of initial work, but once it is in place, it will serve you for years. Stone walls combine the best of functionality and aesthetics. Stone walls have the property of heating up early in Spring and holding that heat at night, which makes your entire yard suitable for certain vegetation that won’t grow otherwise. A stone wall in itself is a beautiful addition to your yard.

Glass palace

Working with glass in your hill house can be tricky and rewarding at the same time. Visually, nothing looks more striking than glass, more so in a hill house. It opens up your home to the surrounding landscape. Using floor-to-ceiling glass walls will amp up the look of your house by degrees while providing you with ample sunlight. The drawbacks include your privacy concern, and there’s also the issue of shelling out for custom made windows.

Pavers for moderate slopes

Using pavers to create retaining walls can let you easily deal with moderate slopes. You can opt for a set of steps that grants everyone access to the rest of the yard. You can also use plants and shrubs to keep the soil from eroding.

You have the option of not following the rulebook while designing your living area at a hill house. Certain things will cost more than others, but if you want it, everything will be worth it in the end.