decor your dining table with these modern ideas

A simple dining table centerpiece idea might not cut for you always, and when such is the case, you would probably be looking for more ambitious dining room decor ideas. Your dining room concept and dining room plan vastly affects the way your overall living space looks. Read on for modern dining room ideas 2020, and enhance the aesthetics of your house.

Greenery and plants

We all know that flowers look fantastic, either artificial or otherwise, but a non-floral arrangement is certainly worth a try too. If you are forging a few nearby branches to establish a connection to your local environment or visiting the florist for a highly fashionable arrangement, green space is always beautiful. And while an entire plant is possibly not the first thing you can think of for a centerpiece of a dining table, a contained and compact cactus, like a cluster of potted plants, makes a great styling statement.

The assemblage

If you enjoy nothing more than a good vignette, consider making one out of some of your favorite decorative items for your dining table. As ever, play with texture, size, and height when curating your pieces, but keep your collection in the same neighborhood as the overall color palette of the space to avoid looking too ramshackle for the collection. Keep your set together and mobile by placing it on a tray so it can be conveniently shifted to one side of your table doubles as a place to do homework during the week.

Candles and candleholders

Candles in ultra-chic candleholders? Please yes. If you're dressing in perfect pairs or a single bold statement, even when your table is not in use, candelabras produce a luxury design moment. However, when you sit down for a meal, turn off the overhead lights and take advantage of the soft glow of the candlelight and enjoy the atmosphere. No need for a philter.

Monochrome and Earthy Elements

You can still have earthy elements in your table decor, even though you are a minimalist who can't resist keeping every surface clean. With an uncomplicated rustic bowl, products with a raw timber finish, or other natural elements, keep it plain. Designers advocate holding over-sized pieces that will stimulate interest to paired back furniture and retain the feel of a minimal room. A monochromatic set still looks great if earthy vibes aren't your thing. On your dining table, a trio of ceramic vessels or candle holders is a shortcut to instant comfort.

A chandelier above

A centerpiece with a low-profile could be for you if you have a stunning pendant or chandelier above your dining table. A low decor arrangement will not interfere with your overhead lighting, and there are plenty of choices from rustic to glam: for those with coastal or rustic leanings, a beautiful tray with a metallic finish, a low stack of books or even a branch can work in a pinch. An overhead pendant light is an important part of the background of your dining table, and here you can read our guide to choosing the right one for you.

Have an amazing dining table with these ideas and inspirations.