best popular ideas to design luxury floorsAll luxury living room design ideas incorporate elements of modern interior flooring ideas and luxury floor design ideas. Be it flooring design ideas for the living room or top best bathroom floor design ideas, we have it all for you in this blog.

In the flooring world, carpeting is getting softer. Wood is getting more roughed-up. And vinyl is getting more luxurious. Yes, you read that right. “Luxury vinyl” isn’t a contradiction in terms — it’s the phrase du jour among those that pay close attention to the materials home buyers are wanting to walk on. The sky's the limit when decorating your front room. With popular design schematics to settle on from, beautiful polished flooring options, and countless decorating accouterments, creating your dream lebensraum is as easy as opening your browser and letting your imagination and artistic energy run free.

Stone Inlay Flooring

The stone inlay may be a traditional flooring treatment, which finds an area in many of the palaces and old mansions in India. It’s perfect for a home with a luxury theme, but also can be utilized in a front room to doll up space. The art of marble or terrazzo inlay is a standard sort of art, where the work begins by careful planning of styles. After a design has been chosen, the color scheme is about and the tonality of the planning is set. This is followed by a careful selection of staples (like various semi-precious stones and marble). During this process, special emphasis is laid on choosing various reminder stones to offer the proper gradation and shading to the motifs.

Consider the kitchen

Hardwood flooring features a warm, welcoming feel. We use hardwood often, especially to continue an equivalent flooring from other parts of the house into the kitchen. It makes the entire space feel more loft-like and fewer disjointed. If you decide on a more industrial feel, polished cement may be a good (and sturdy) option. Since the kitchen is usually a heavy-traffic zone, confirm you select a durable cloth, like oak wood flooring or tile. Tile makes for straightforward cleanup and withstands wear and tear. you ought to never worry about a few glasses of wine spilling on your kitchen floor.

In terms of color, we’ve done everything from white to black flooring, and everything in between. Ironically, though, black is harder to stay clean than white.

Hardwood floors in light, medium, and dark hues

Hardwood flooring may be a classic and favorite choice amongst homeowners looking to upgrade their floors. Available in hues starting from light, medium, to dark, hardwood flooring may be a wonderful thanks to giving your home a timeless elegance and opulent feel. Smooth, polished, and topped with an artisan rug or carpet, hardwood floors are aesthetically appropriate during a wide range of settings and decors, from traditional to modern, and even Asian and Mediterranean styles