Since ancient times, Marble has been the first and ideal choice of architects, builders, and customers for house-building purposes. Remarkable structures like the Taj Mahal, Lincoln Memorial, Basilica of Santa Croce are the epitome of magnificence. Marble has been chosen over others for its appeal, strength, durability, styles, designs, patterns, colors, and various other aspects. Marble gained its popularity from ancient Greeks and Romans, to build artistic structures. It was named "Marmar", which meant glisten in Greek. After the Greeks and Romans, marble was welcomed all over the world. Every other construction project started including marble thereafter. 

Marble has a refreshing aesthetic. Wherever installed, it makes the place spacious and brighter. It promotes authenticity and pureness and is used from worship places to commercial areas, from monuments to homes extensively. The durable natural stone can face rough weather, high temperatures, erosion, and other natural elements. 

Marble is available in a wide range of colors like white, off-white, black, brown, pink, green, blue, golden, and many other customizable shades. This provides the opportunity to match with a variety of themes like bohemian, rustic, classy, chic, contemporary, or royal to cater a tailored finish to the construction project. 

Marble is not only used in flooring but also in various places like countertops, stairs, shower walls, facades, and many others. Resistance against water, scratches, stain, and indentation make mare an ideal choice for kitchen countertops and backsplashes. The easy maintenance and pretty sheen is a desirable characteristic for stairs and shower walls. Though hard water can corrode the porous natural stone, regular care and maintenance is the key solution. 

Marble provides a modern, natural yet sleek aesthetic to the space. In hotter countries, marble can stay cool and reduce the temperature. Hence it is commonly known as a natural air conditioner. Marble also provides resistance to allergens. So, it is an ideal choice for people susceptible to allergies. It is also resistant to heat and fire and becomes an apt tiling option. 

The installation of marble is easy and can be customized to different sizes according to the space and need. This allows the customer to exercise control over the use and ultimately provides customer satisfaction. The timeless beauty is chosen over and over again. 

Common marble stones used across the globe are Makrana White Marble, Alaska White Marble or The Premium Alaska White Granite, Black Marine, Forest Green Marble, Fantasy Brown Marble, and many other varieties. These are some of the winning types of marble used worldwide. The catchy looks, glossy finish, durability epitomizes the sophistication of the natural stone and remains the king of the architectural domain.