Inevitably a bibliophile can curl up in any corner for hours and devote their attention towards the story printed in words. But a perfect cosy reading corner would enhance the aesthetic of the room and could be created at any spare corner. Here are three things that should be useful while building up the corner

  • Furniture: Reading is a meditative process and would require sitting arrangement. You can invest in a lounge arm chair, recliners, sofa, bean bag or even can go for floor seating with extra throw pillows and cushions. It does not need to be plush but snuggly and comfy. It would be the place where the mind would take off and wander to new places, so roomy furnitures should be preferred. After the sitting arrangement, comes the storing arrangement. There should be ample storage space for books, pens, and other stationary. Floating shelves could be preferred for small spaces. Chest of drawers could also be kept for extra expanse. You can also use any spare cupboard, cabinet or sideboard; spray paint to give it a vintage yet fresh and welcoming look. 
  • Decor: The furniture is the skeleton while the décor makes the system complete. Décor could include a theme like vintage, bohemian, plush, classy and etc. The decorative pieces like scented candles, antiques, flower vases, family pictures could be used as an anecdote. Do not clutter the space with unnecessary décor that would block the reach of light. Infuse a pop of colour through coloured frames, furniture or covers. You can choose pastel colours or go all out with bold loud colours. The colours depicts your personality and the décor elevates minimalism and elegance of the room. Usage of mirrors creates an illusion of space. You should also inculcate green in the room to give an earthy and humble vibe. The baby plants would create an aura of motivation and optimism when you would sit down with your book and mug of coffee. 
  • Lighting: Reading includes extensive eye movement. Make sure the corner is well lit. You can go for string lights, lanterns or lamps. There are various lights available as warm and cool modes. The lights and bulbs with efficient power consumption and conservation should be preferred. Proper lighting defines ambiance of the corner. Lighting fixtures should essentially have functionality and illumination to perfection. Also, if the corner is close to natural light, it is cherry on the cake. Presence of proper lighting creates maximum expanse illusion. A poor lit room can ruin the entire décor, furnishing and efforts as a whole. 

A well structured, accessorized and functional book corner can uplift the mood and act as a source of rejuvenation from the hectic and chaotic work load. Reading corners enable accessibility of books to children and encourage them to cultivate the habit of reading. It creates an inviting atmosphere of reading for the family members and even the visitors, and caters opportunities to read together during their daily routine.